Our Programs


Below Your Belt Conversations

A culturally-sensitive website for women and girls from diverse backgrounds, BYB Conversations was created in partnership with HEART Women and Girls to provide much-needed pelvic health education within Muslim and other faith-based communities, as well as ethnic and immigrant populations.


Along with partner organizations, TKTK engages community health workers, also known as Promotoras, to bring pelvic health education to women who face socioeconomic or language barriers. With their dedicated service we are able to reach women in Spanish speaking communities and those who don't have easy access to specialized healthcare.


Total Control® is a comprehensive pelvic fitness and wellness program that has been training women of all ages and ability levels since 2008. The program combines pelvic floor exercises with information about recognizing symptoms of common conditions, seeking treatment, and practicing healthy habits.


In addition to our award winning book, Below Your Belt, we have also published a series of pamphlets covering a variety of topics, including hygiene, menstruation, bladder health, bowel health, and body image “below the belt.” All of our materials are available in English and Spanish. If you’re interested, contact us!